The Best 5 Dog Breeds Suited for Apartment Living

For dog lovers who live in apartments it could be little difficult to get a canine companion. But, there is always a way to do that, there are lots of dog breeds suitable for apartment living. You can get smaller dogs which require low maintenance and lower energy, bigger dogs may not be suitable for small apartments since they need a bigger space for living.

Best Breeds Suited For Apartment Living

There are lots of factors which you should consider before buying a dog if you live in an apartments A few things you should consider is the size of your apartment, your lifestyle, availability of playing area, etc. You will be very happy to know that there are lots of varieties of dogs available for your need.

Best of those dog breeds are:

1. Italian Greyhound: This is a smaller version of a well known dog breed Greyhound. Italian Greyhounds are very loving, loyal, and weighs less than 15 pounds. These are small in size and best suited for an apartment environment. They have smooth coat which needs minimal grooming.

2. Cavalier King Charls: This toy breed is is very social, patient, and affection. Cavaliers would be a good addition to your apartment home, they have a very beautiful coat that stands out in the group of dogs. You will have to take him to walk every day to keep him happy and healthy.

3. Pug: This breed is quieter than their cousin, the Puggle. These dogs are wrinkly which makes them more adorable and lovely. They become very happy and playful after a brisk walk. They require minimal grooming and tend to become less energetic with age, hence they are easily manageable.

4. Poodle: Whether you take the miniature poodle or toy, this will bring very long companionship. This breed sheds the least, which make them perfect for apartments. Although poodles require grooming and quick walks.

5. Shih Tzu: Shih Tzu is a teddy faced, compact and cuddly dog which you will like very much in your apartment. You may need to take him for a brisk walk after that, the dog can spend the rest of the time in your lap quietly. They need proper grooming to keep up with the coat.

This is not the complete list of dog breeds suitable for an apartment dweller. I have just mentioned the best 5 dog breeds suited for apartment living, there are lots of dogs apart from this list which can be a good companion for and apartment dwellers. Some of those are:

Cocker Spaniels
Lhasa Apso
Rescue Greyhounds
Bichon Frise

Even these dogs have been best rated apartment dogs, it would be good to do your own research and find out the breed which is best suited for you. Even these dogs need lots of care, love and attention.

You need to consider everything before you get a companion for you. These dogs are small but it doesn’t mean that it will flourish in an apartment, some are too talkative and can annoy your neighbors. So make sure you have done your research to find the perfect dog to match your lifestyle and personality.